Covid-19 Response Plan

Alongside the rest of the world, COVID19 threatens us, our families and our neighborhood.Our community is committed to working with the County of Nairobi and the National Emergency Response Committee to flatten the curve of this virus in our ward.

We agree to take the following nine actions:

  1. Mobilize and train street marshals to monitor and keep records on any residents that may be sick and require assistance.
  2. Design and share public education and awareness posters in public spaces and on our social media platforms to keep us informed and safe.
  3. Establish portable hand-washing points at key points along our streets, in our malls and markets and at our bus and matatu stages.
  4. Organise disinfectants cleaning of high traffic places in the neighborhood.
  5. Advocate for all Kilimani areas to have public water supplies.
  6. Actively monitor all public places and advice each other to only use public and private facilities that are observing social distancing and have handwashing points for visitors.
  7. Directly advise public and private facilities (especially markets, malls, entertainment places, public transport stages and places of worship) in our ward to observe the mandatory and voluntary guidelines issued by the National Emergency Response Committee.
  8. Establish a community fund to purchase masks and gloves for public health workers and to fund these activities in the ward.
  9. Actively share this plan and learn from other resident associations.

A COVID19 response team WhatsApp group is immediately being established with a shared cloud folder and PAYBILL to coordinate these activities with our Sub-County Public Health Team.