#ShiftThePower: Apple Cross Road Residents Fight to Close Down Night Club

On Monday 9th January over 40 residents of Apple Cross Road, Lavington, with support from the Kilimani Project Foundation, took a “citizen’s action” against public nuisance caused by a new club within their neighbourhood. The residents peacefully asked the patrons to leave the premises as the social activities at the premise were causing public nuisance and disturbance. Many patrons left peacefully and apologized to the residents. The residents informed the OCPD that he must enforce the law: 11 pm rule, no roadside parking and no loud music. The event was also captured in a press item which can be viewed here The following day, after discussions and filing complaints at the Nairobi City County, the establishments’ liquor license and single business permit were withdrawn. Residents along Galana Road, Kindaruma Road and other parts of Nairobi still continue with their struggle against noise pollution and public nuisance. ‘Collective action is power. Courage is a language we all need to speak.’

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