Membership Benefits

Benefits of KPF Membership

The Kilimani Project Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all who live, work, transit, or play in Kilimani. As the oldest community foundation in Kenya, we exist to bring together the human and financial resources of individuals, families, businesses and grantmakers to build the community.
We offer the following benefits to our membership, whose contributions in turn keep us going:

  • Engagement in platforms that facilitate the sharing of innovative, transformative community building ideas
  • Professional Growth through leading or participating in training and community service avenues with peers and other industry professionals
  • Access to community leaders and influencers through vibrant WhatsApp groups
  • Networking and connecting with industry peers through online and in-person platforms and events
  • Participate in community regeneration initiatives
  • Influence the planned development of Kilimani
  • Inform how we represent resident and business needs to key public service providers
  • Stay informed through regular newsletter and other mailings on happenings around Kilimani
  • Receive discounts on KPF events and merchandise, and from participating corporate member retailers
  • Receive directory of useful phone numbers in the event of an emergency
  • Vote and serve on various award schemes and panels
  • Build the Kilimani you want