Kilimani Security Alert

Over the last few months we have had several reports of break-ins. A number of these, especially at night, have been through  balconies while a few have accessed entry through main doors.

The burglars have been reported to steal handy electronics like laptops, phones and other easily movable items.

Most parts of Kilimani have been affected and reports have been made to the police. As investigations are going on, we would like to share a number of tips from our security team.


  • Courts are advised to have an arrangement where the guards can call residents them when they have guests (guard can even flash and you call back).
  • People who rent their premises for short stay should be very careful and possibly replace padlocks after every stay as there is a possibility of keys being copied.
  • Fix a padlock ring  on the inside of your balcony door and lock it with a padlock.
  • Get 2 long metal rods or timber pieces about 40 mm square, the width of your door and place them in the jambs at night.
  • Vet your house helps (we recommend the Dhobi Womens Network).

Key Contacts

Kilimani Police Station 0725357774
Dhobi Womens Network 0728751705

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