Kilimani Police: Kind-hearted Cops Shelter Stranded Lady

Do you remember Friday night’s storm? It was an heavy downpour, chilly water pouring down to cool off the land. Now imagine, being out in that cold, without any waterproof garments, with your belongings in a little backpack.

I was dropping the BFF Ivory home, when my headlights struck a figure sitting outside the adjoining gate. At first, I thought it was one of the guys who hang around the area, but was worried that it was cold and rainy. Ivory quickly corrected me – it was a woman, in short hair.

It felt strange to see a woman sitting out in the cold rain, and I could sense she wasn’t OK. So we parked on the side, and Ivory went to check on her. After drawing the story out of her, in tears, she explained that she was a domestic worker, and her employer had kicked her out of the home for allegedly misplacing/losing her medication. We verified the story with the night guard at the apartment block that she had come out of.

I tried to convince her that we were good people, after calling an Uber and trying to get her to a shelter with Rescuebnb – Kenya, where I knew she had could get a warm bed and a hot meal. She wouldn’t budge – mistrustful of Nairobians purporting to be good people. As we were about to give up, the Uber driver spoke to her, and it turned out that they spoke the same dialect. He convinced her to get into the car and drive with us to Kilimani Police, if she did not want the alternative accommodation.

We eventually ended up leaving her at Kilimani police, who graciously accommodated her overnight. She left the next morning to one of her family member who lives in Githogoro, Kiambu.

When I spoke to Mildred this morning, she had arrived back home in Busia, thankful that someone watched out for her. She was still in tears over the incident.

If your name is Shiko, and you live on Argwings Kodhek grove, near Yaya, shame on you. This is no way to treat your domestic workers, let alone a middle aged woman, leaving her to the mercy of the elements, and the strange creeps that lurk in the night.

This story was posted by KPF member Naomi Mutua  on her facebook page on March 5 at 2:52pm 


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