The Kilimani Dialogue with Candidates on the 22nd of July 2017 enabled both candidates and residents to discuss and understand the challenges faced in the ward.

After the interactive dialogue sessions, the candidates had a chance to talk about themselves and their vision for Kilimani within the first 100 days.

Ednah Arrati , a candidate under the Labour Party of Kenya is a lawyer and a Kilimani Resident. She has already been involved with the Dhobi Women’s Network. She understands the main challenges in Kilimani to be Water, Noise, lack of public toilets and a challenge with integration of informality.

She promised to work with residents, through the Kilimani Project Foundation. She vowed to push for regulation of noise pollution outlets and implementation of laws on noise pollution. She stated that as an advocate, she is ready to go to court on behalf of Kilimanians.

Kennedy Lukuvuli Mukangula is a Kilimani Resident who is vying as an independent candidate. He ran under an under an ANC (Amani National Congress) ticket in the 2013 elections. He believes that there ought to be peaceful integration between the formal in informal sector and vows to identify official sites where Kiosk owners can set up markets.

He also intends to pressure the ward administrator to put dustbins all over the ward and ensure that there is regular collection of waste. He promised to drive for more public participation.

Humphrey Liyayi Beti is vying under an ANC (Amani National Congress) ticket. Within the first 100 days he promises to do a public assessment of all clubs and push for proper participation in the reconstitution of the liquor licensing board. Soundproofing will be compulsory all clubs.

He will push the ward administrator to put garbage bins along all the streets, ensure that sewerage and drains are unblocked and push for lighting up of all dark areas.

He promised to work with public participation committees to make Kilimani better.

Marion Njeri Mbugua Githinji, the Jubilee Party Candidate. She is also a nominated member of the county assembly and has been working on the Noise pollution problem. She grew up in Kilimani and still lives here.

She explained that she has been working on cleanups for the last 3 months and wants to push the county to have a permanent team of cleaners for Kilimani. He intends to push for the unblocking of sewers and drains as well as identification of market places within the first 100 days.

Beatrice Elachi is vying as MP for Dagoretti North under the Jubilee Party. In Education, she vowed to reduce the gap between the ‘2 different societies’ who learn in Kilimani as people should be able to live together regardless of their background. She also intends to push an agenda on water, especially to find out why ‘blue trucks have water’ and not peoples taps. She stated that she is ready to fight water cartels under the banner‘Water for all in Dagoretti North.’

She also intends to use young people to compete on environmental sustenance.

She intends to work closely with the county assembly, hold monthly meetings through each ward structure as well as quarterly meetings at constituency level.

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