Inspired by the need of healthy living and appreciating of public spaces the foundation in partnership with organic farmers organizes an organic market every Sunday. Here you will find the best of certified organic honey, sauces, cheese, wines and vegetables among others. Kilimani Organic Farmers
The foundation partnered with others in the redevelopment of the Kilimani Police Station in a two-year community funded project that will see the face of the Police station change completely. Redevelopment of Kilimani Police station
Our Approach is to bring the community together to celebrity diversity, art, music, and culture Kilimani Street Festivals
The foundation seeks to create awareness on effects of noise pollution from clubs, mutates and construction site I can’t sleep Campaign
It’s a pilot of 3 year street reclamation led by residents, schools and corporate supported by Kilimani Project Foundation. Kilimani Rising Project
We seek to green Kilimani again. Over 1500 trees have been planted through this campaign Grey2Green Campaign
The process of deciding who your leaders of five years are is very critical. The foundation therefore gives you a platform to engage all aspirants through one on one discussions and dialogues. Kilimani political Aspirants Dialogues
The foundation host an annual community dinner with an aim of bring community and its leaders together Kilimani Community Dinner