Our 4 Pillars

Green and Recreational Spaces

We endeavor to create more green and recreational spaces throughout Kilimani.  Green spaces provide opportunities for social engagement and community development, which ultimately create stronger and safer neighborhoods. The foundation actively seeks to support identification, renovation, maintenance, and use of green and recreational spaces for community activities and events.

Public Safety

We work to promote and facilitate open, direct and respectful communication between the community and public safety stewards, including the Kilimani Police and private security firms. Crime can negatively impact a community’s sense of togetherness, security, and trust. Through shared interests in public safety, neighborhoods form and more possibilities for connection begin to blossom – families interact more; businesses open for longer hours; in general there is a greater sense of safety and belonging.

Social Cohesion & The Arts

We seek to provide opportunities for the community to come together and celebrate diversity, art, music, and culture.  A thriving and vibrant community is driven by citizens who are invested in what’s happening in their neighborhood and take responsibility for its future. We encourage and welcome more Kilimanians to take ownership of their community, whether through education, public safety, or planned development.  As Kilimani Project Foundation, we strive to capture the narrative of Kilimani, as told by Kilimanians, to increase affiliation and identity within this space.

Planned Development

We educate and inform on laws and by-laws that pertain to planning of physical spaces.  In addition, we help to facilitate lobbying efforts by community members on matters that impact the physical spaces around them.  Well-planned and well-maintained communities increase the appeal, value, and livability of a community.  We endeavour to make Kilimani a community of choice, a community of action and a community of purpose, where residents and businesses a like can thrive.